Verb Patterns – Gerunds


Use this pattern with certain verbs and verb phrases including:

  • avoid: We avoid making hasty decisions in our business. 
  • imagine: Imagine working on innovative projects that disrupt the market.
  • consider: We are considering expanding our product line to reach new markets. 
  • keep: Keep improving your skills to stay competitive in the industry. 
  • risk: We don’t want to risk losing our loyal customers. 
  • dislike: She dislikes dealing with difficult clients.
  • mind: Do you mind proofreading this document before I send it out? 
  • suggest: I suggest contacting the potential client to arrange a meeting. 
  • enjoy: Enjoy networking at the business event tonight.
  • practise: It’s essential to practise delivering persuasive presentations.
  • finish: Let’s finish drafting the proposal by the end of the day. 
  • recommend: I recommend reviewing the market trends before making any decisions.

The negative form of this pattern is: not + verb with –ing 

  • I suggest not procrastinating on your business plan.