Future Continuous: Use

The future continuous is used to talk about an activity that will be in progress at a particular time in the future.

– This time next week I will be driving to Hamburg.
– They will be watching a film at the cinema tomorrow.
– Don’t phone Jane, she’ll be having a meeting.

The future continuous may also be used for predicting events.

– I’ll be missing my colleagues when I change my job.
– You’ll be feeling hungry after a long day at work.
– New tech firms will be appearing in the upcoming years.

The future continuous may also be used to ask politely about intentions.

Will Ann be joining us today?
Will you be coming to the business trip next week?
Will we be working on the project together?

We also use the future continuous to talk about events we expect to happen in the future.

– Our team will be working on several new projects in the upcoming months.
– They won’t be making much money without a proper business plan.
– I’ll be having lunch with Tom today so I can ask him about the proposal.