Future Simple – Meaning

The future simple is used:

To predict a future event:
It will be sunny tomorrow.

To express a spontaneous decision:
You look tired, I’ll help you!

To express willingness:
I‘ll wash the dishes.
He‘ll help you organize the meeting.

In the negative form to express unwillingness:
The boss won’t give me a raise.
She won’t listen to me!

With “I” and “shall” in question forms to make an offer:
Shall I open the window?

With “we” and “shall” in question forms to make a suggestion:
Shall we go to the restaurant tonight?

With “I” and “shall” in question forms to ask for advice or instructions:
What shall I tell her when we get back?

With “you” to give orders:
You will do exactly as I say.

With “you” in questions to give an invitation:
Will you come to the party with me?

In modern English “will” is often used instead of “shall”. “Shall” is mainly used with “I” and “we” to make an offer or suggestion, or to ask for advice.