Present Simple – Form

First, have a look at the verb forms in the sentences below. Pay attention to the way negative sentences and questions are created.

– Positive

I live in London and I work in an IT company.
I am a developer.
My parents live in Birmingham.
My dad teaches English and my mum is retired.
They are both interested in history and love reading.

– Negative

I do not (don’t work) in an accounting firm.
My friend doesn’t (does not) work in the same company as me.

– Questions

Do you work in an office?
Does she work in an e-commerce company?
Where do they work?

Remember that the verb form is different after he, she and it:
He design software.
He designs software.
Where do she live?
Where does she live?
Emma have got a lot of responsibilities.
Emma has got a lot of responsibilities

Remember that we don’t add -s to the main verb in questions and negatives:
Does Jim works in an IT company?
Does Jim work in an IT company?