State Verbs in the Continuous Form

We can use some state verbs in the continuous form. However, they will have a different active meaning.

state: I have a brand new PC. (possess)
action: She‘s having lunch at the moment. (eating)

state: I don’t think it’s a good idea. (It’s my opinion.)
action: I‘m thinking about doing a social media marketing course. (I’m considering it.)

state: It appears that the company is going to go bankrupt soon. (It seems like it.)
action: The famous actor is appearing at the local theater tonight. (He’s performing.)

state: The tea tastes great! (It’s quality is great.)
action: I‘m tasting the soup to see if it needs any more salt. (I’m checking its quality.)

state: I don’t see the footer. (I can’t notice it.)
action: Are you seeing your friends tonight? (Are you meeting them?)