Present Continuous – Actions Happening now and around now

We use the present continuous to talk about:

– Actions happening at the moment of speaking

Jason is chairing the meeting.
I’ll help you later. I‘m working on a report right now.
Are you watching TV?
I‘m not studying. I‘m just reading a book.

– Actions happening around the moment of speaking, not necessarily at the exact moment of speaking

I‘m doing an online English course.
We are working on a presentation together today. Now we‘re just having a short break but we’ll get back to it soon.

– Temporary situations

I‘m working at home this week because builders are repainting our office.
She‘s not working with her team this month because she’s on a business trip.

With these uses of the present continuous we often use expressions such as at the moment, now, today, this week, this month, etc.

We can also use the present continuous with always to criticize someone’s behavior.

Hannah is always interrupting me during meetings. I’m getting really fed up with it.