Regular and Irregular Verbs

To create past simple forms of regular verbs we add -ed to the infinitive form:

browse → browsed
code → coded

However, many common verbs are irregular, for example:

do → did
go → went
have → had
make → made
put → put
say → said
see → saw
tell → told

To create positive sentences in past simple we use past simple verb forms:

I visited my friend last weekend.
They created a new app for their customer.
She did an excellent job yesterday.
You saw him on Monday.

To create negative sentences and questions in past simple we use did and the infinitive form of the main verb:

You didn’t visit your parents last weekend.
We didn’t create a new app for our customer.
He didn’t do a good job yesterday.
I didn’t see him on Monday.

Did you visit your parents last weekend?
Did they create a new app for their customer?
Did she do a good job?
Did they see him on Monday?