Idź do treci
Giving away online courses from leading online platforms.

Here is a list of the best online learning platforms you can explore:

For kids

Varsity Tutors (

They launched Virtual School Day, giving away 30 hours of tutoring every week for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Literature, science, math: including interactive quizzes and practice problems.

Khan Academy (

For kids and students of all ages, courses are divided by subjects and student’s age. Plenty of materials for adult learners as well.

Code It  (

Helps children learn basic programming concepts through online courses, live webinars and other kid-friendly material. Available in English and German.

 General courses


Coursera offers over 3.800 courses from some of the world’s top universities, institutes of technology and companies. From IT and computer science to business and marketing, and even a course called “Learning how to learn”, there’s a wealth of strikingly varied courses. Simply filter the library by “free” and pick what suits you best.


Surely one of the top online course platforms in the world. It offers something for everyone, from business development, finance and accounting, to design, marketing and office productivity. Most of the courses require payment but if you type ‘free’ in search bar you will see many free courses that the platform is giving away during the quarantine period.

HP Life (

HP offers free business and IT skills training content for entrepreneurs, small business owners.

Free online courses in Information Technology

 School16 (

Get a job in tech! Recently launched School16 is offering live, remote classes every week for free, starting April 1st, for anyone who wants to learn about careers in tech like product management, sales, operations and more. Every session is taught by leaders in companies ranging from fast growing startups to large tech firms like Slack and Google, where students hear directly from people hiring and managing these teams about what skills candidates need to have to be attractive hires, and what jobs will be available in the months and years to come.

Python at edX (

Python is probably the best programming language you can learn. It has lots of applications and clear syntax that makes it accessible for beginners. Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner is a free Microsoft class, but you will need to pay a fee if you want to get a certificate of completion of the course at the end.

freeCodeCamp (

This is, basically, an open source community that helps you learn how to code. Start with the basic HTML and CSS, and proceed learning the programming language of your choice. The platform covers practical tasks and small challenges that you can process at your own pace. Earn certifications for every milestone you hit, and get inspired by a supportive community.

What’s more, freeCodeCamp has recently released the so-called Coronavirus Academy, its own collection of distance learning programs for coders.

Online classes for fun

Yale University at Coursera

Yale is now offering one of its most popular classes about the science of happiness, online for free on Coursera platform.

Yoga with Adriene

Working from home restricts us to sitting at home  too much and limits our movements. In order not to get health problems remember to stretch every hour.  Or you may follow a 30-day challenges for regular yoga practice, which work equally well for complete beginners and people who love sweating at gyms.

Online cooking classes from Michelin-starred chef

Another challenge that you may face being self-isolated is eating disorders. We are more likely to open our fridge and grab a snack or junk food when we might feel bored. Think about this period as the best chance to learn cooking art from a …. Michelin chef. Massimo Bottura, whose name is associated with one of Italy’s finest restaurants, Osteria Francescana, recently announced the launch of his Instagram cooking course. It’s called Kitchen Quarantine and it’s a fun video guide to cooking basic stuff at home.