Idź do treci
FREE teaching materials for kids. Learn English and German staying at home.

Quarantine period might seem boring and depressive for many of us. For those who have kids we have prepared a list of free resources that your kids may use to learn English or German.

English resources

  1. YouTube channel: British Council / LearnEnglish Kids (

Interesting short videos in English on different topics (how to organize your school bag, how to grow a plant).

  1. British Council / LearnEnglish Kids – Games (

Online games on learning English for small kids.

  1. Teach children ESL (

Plenty of printable worksheets and flashcards. Activities with songs and board games you can play together with your kid and a big section of online games your kid can play on his/her own. The resources can be used for kids of different ages. All descriptions are in English.

  1. ESL games plus (

Here you can find games for kids of different ages (from kindergarten to teens).  The games are divided into levels or type of a game. You can also find here printable worksheets and videos. All descriptions are in English.

  1. Fun English Games (

On this website the games are divided into topics (speaking games, spelling games, etc.). It’s more suitable for children with A2-B1 level of English. The descriptions are also in English.

  1. Interactive games (

This resources is better recommended for teens. There are many vocabulary and grammar games. All descriptions are in English.


German resources

  1. YouTube channel: Sing mit YleeKids – Kinderlieder (

Learn German through songs. Suitable for small kids. Subtitles in German are available.

  1. Was ist was (

It is an educational site that walks children through different topics (nature and animals, history, sports, technology) in GermanIt’s interactive and keeps you coming back for more.

  1. Kindernetz (

This  is best for intermediate level and up. This website contains short video reports (with a written report) on various subjects, such as science, animals, and music.

  1. Online games (

Here you can find a lot of online games to practise vocabulary and spelling.

  1. Online games: Polish – German (

This is a Polish website to train your German language skills. All the games and online exercises are divided into levels and topics.

  1. Online game from Goethe-Institut for kids (

Games, colouring pages, interactive activities.

  1. Online game from Goethe-Institut for teens (

Interactive resource for teenagers. The website is designed as a spaceship and full of exercises and videos. The resource is free but it requires to create an account.