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International Women’s day: 10 quotes by influential women in the tech industry

Every year on March 8th “International Women’s day” is celebrated all around the globe. It is a day to celebrate and recognize women’s achievements and contribution to society without regard for division whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural economic or political.

10 quotes by influential women in the tech industry

  • The amount of time that a young girl spends wearing pink will be inversely proportional to her future income.’ – Sandra Lerner Co-founder of Cisco
  • It takes humility to realize we don’t know everything, not to rest on our laurels, and to know that we must keep learning and observing. If we don’t, we can be sure some start-up will be there to take our place.’ – Cher Wang co-founder of HTC
  • ‘It is pure mythology that women cannot perform as well as men in science, engineering and mathematics. In my experience, the opposite is true: Women are often more adept and patient at untangling complex problems, multitasking, seeing the possibilities in new solutions and winning team support for collaborative action.’ – Weili Dai co-founder of Marvell Technology Group
  • Real change will come when powerful women are less of an exception. It is easy to dislike senior women because there are so few’ – Sheryl Sandberg COO at Facebook.
  • ‘If women don’t participate in tech, with its massive prominence in our lives and society, we risk losing many of the economic, political, and social gains we have made over decades’.Susan Wojcicki CEO at YouTube
  • ‘Just because you started your careers in a certain role, let’s say hardware engineering, does not mean you’ll end your careers in hardware.’– Ginni Rometty CEO at IBM
  • ‘I know first-hand the complexities of leading an enterprise through business and technology transformation. It takes intense focus, a strong drive, and a clearly communicated vision to inspire and take an organization from where they are, to where they need to be – or where they want to go’ Safra Catz co-CEO at Oracle
  • ‘Women are still not reaching the most senior levels of corporations. This is not the shortcoming of women. We’re talented and smart.’Ruth Porat CFO at Alphabet
  • ‘Every job I took, I was deeply uncomfortable in terms of feeling unqualified. Every step, every risk I took, built confidence.’ – Amy Hood CFO at Microsoft
  • ‘It is not about gender, it is about experience, leadership, and vision.’ Angela Ahrendts Senior VP at Apple