Idź do treci
Holiday English: Useful phrases for your summer holiday!

Just because summer is right around the corner, it doesn’t mean we should stop practicing/using our English skills. After all, English is regarded as a lingua franca in most of the world, so whether you are in a native English-speaking country or not, you may show off your speaking skills.


At the airport

Moving through airports is the most hectic thing about going on holiday, with airport officials who don’t speak your native language and of course, sudden changes of gates and delays on the flights. Here we have compiled some phrases which could be helpful when navigating airports.

  • Has there been a gate change for flight number (insert your number here)?
  • What is the latest boarding time for flight number (insert your number here)?
  • Has flight number (insert your number here) been delayed? Until what time?
  • I have missed my flight, with whom should I talk about a refund?
  • My flight has been canceled, with whom should I talk about getting a refund or exchanging my ticket?


At the hotel

You’re tired from a long flight and would like to relax and begin your holidays…but you must still register at the hotel counter, here are some phrases to help you move about it quickly.


  • Good morning/afternoon/evening, I have a reservation for (insert period of time) under the name (insert name).
  • I’m afraid there has been a mistake, I have booked different rooms (explain how many and what types), could you please check once again?
  • What time will breakfast be served?
  • What is the check-out time? Could we keep our luggage at the reception until our departure time?



Now you’re all settled in, time to explore this new place! Here are some useful questions/phrases.


  • Excuse me, could you tell me how to get from here to the (name) museum?
  • How far is the (name) museum from here?
  • How do you get to (name) here?
  • Is (name of place) near here?
  • How much are the tickets?
  • What time does the (number of bus) bus stop passing by?


At a restaurant

After a long day walking around and getting to know new places, nothing like a good meal.


  • I’d like to get a table for 2/4.
  • What is the special of the day?
  • I would like to have the (insert dish).
  • Is it possible to replace the (ingredient)?
  • I am allergic to (ingredient), is this dish (ingredient) free?
  • Do you have vegan/vegetarian options?
  • May we get the bill?
  • Is it possible to pay by card?


In case of problems

Many situations could arise while enjoying a trip to a foreign country, you may be the victim of a crime, inadvertently eat something to which you are allergic, or even misplacing your passport.


  • Could you tell me what is the local police’s phone number?
  • Where is the nearest hospital?
  • What is the emergency number in this country?
  • I have misplaced my passport, could you tell me the number of the local Polish embassy?