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Charity picnic with Ailleron SA

author: Eklektika
Charity picnic with Ailleron SA

On 9 June our Client Ailleron SA is organizing a charity picnic in Kryspinów on the Budzyń lake.

This charitable event will include food, drinks, beach football and other attractions. All the proceedings will be used to fund the treatment of Ms. Sylwia Jedidi, who is battling cancer. Ailleron will match the amount collected from those attending the picnic. You can watch a short movie about the situation of Ms. Jedidi here:

During the picnic Ailleron will be selling vouchers for various attractions. The amount collected will be matched by Ailleron and used for treatment in its entirety. Eklektika is also joining this effort with vouchers for online language courses and free lessons with teachers.

The event is open to everybody. You will find details soon on our website and on the website of the organizer, Ailleron SA.

We are happy to join this effort together with our Client!



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