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10 najważniejszych “zielonych” idiomów angielskich

Każdego roku, 17 marca, obchodzony jest Dzień Św. Patryka – patrona Irlandii. Szczególnie huczne obchody odnotowuje się zawsze w Stanach Zjednoczonych, a zwłaszcza w Nowym Yorku.

Z okazji Świętego Patryka nasi Native Speakerzy z USA i Wlk. Brytanii wybrali dla Was 10 najważniejszych “zielonych” idiomów w języku angielskim oraz krótki materiał (artykuł + video) nt. Dnia Św. Patryka, jego historii i wpływu dziś na biznes. Enjoy!

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 (to be) green with envy = (to be) very envious

e.g. I was green with envy when I heard that my cousin would be going to Bali for a week.

to give the green light = to give approval to proceed

eg. We finally got the green light to start the project.

(to have a) green thumb =to be good with plants/gardens

 eg. My neighbour really has a green thumb. His garden looks beautiful!

the grass is always greener on the other side = a place or situation that is far away or different seems better than one’s present situation;

eg. I sometimes think I’d be happier living in Spain. Oh well, the grass is always greener on the other side!

green around the gills = sickly, looking sick

eg. My friend looked green around the gills after the long bus ride.

(to be) green = to be new at something or someplace;

 eg. That new guy is really green, he has no idea what to do.

(to be) green = to be concerned about the environment

eg. It is really important that everyone be as green as possible.

green belt = an area of fields and trees around a town

eg. Our council has a policy of increasing the green belt around the city.

green-eyed monster = jealousy

eg. The woman was consumed by the green-eyed monster and it was affecting her life.

greenhorn = an untrained or inexperienced or naive person

eg. The young man is a greenhorn and he has much to learn about his new job.