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27 compliments to give your co-workers.

In the global initiative to create the most positive day in the world, World Compliment Day is celebrated every March 1 to spread joy through simple verbal affirmations of appreciation.


According to “” this creative day was originated by Hans Poortvliet, a recognized professional in the Netherlands. He started the initiative in the Netherlands and with the success of it, wondered if making it worldwide instead of national would then make it The Most Positive Day in The World. These are lofty goals, but Mr. Poortvliet feels that if every person took the time to sincerely offer a compliment to three people in their life, we would be closer to the goal.

How to observe this day

To be part of this holiday all you must do is offer compliments (sincerely) to those around you, due to the fact no money is to be spent observing this holiday, everyone can take part in it.

How to compliment people at work

Relationships in the office are extremely important for your performance. An easy (and free) way to improve your relationship with co-workers is to compliment them. Showing your co-workers that you value their work and time spent in projects will make all the difference in your day to day life.

27 compliments to give your co-workers:

  1. Having you on the team makes a huge difference.
  2. It’s really admirable how you always see projects through from conception to completion.
  3. Thank you for always speaking up in team meetings and providing a unique perspective.
  4. Even when the going gets tough, you continue to have the best attitude!
  5. Wow! Just when I thought your work couldn’t get any better!
  6. Your work ethic speaks for itself.
  7. There’s no other way to say it: we’d be lost without you.
  8. Thanks for always being willing to lend a hand.
  9. The pride you take in your work is truly inspiring.
  10. You’re so great to work with.
  11. I am continually impressed by the results you produce!
  12. Thank you for being so flexible.
  13. It’s incredible how thorough your work is.
  14. Is there anything you can’t do?!
  15. You are one of the most reliable employees I’ve ever had.
  16. Thank you for setting a great example for your co-workers.
  17. It’s amazing how you’re always able to overcome any obstacle thrown your way.
  18. I was blown away by your contributions this week.
  19. I really enjoy working with you.
  20. You are an invaluable member of the team.
  21. I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to the team.
  22. I know I’ve been busy lately, but I just had to tell you what a great employee you are.
  23. You are always so quick to show initiative.
  24. It’s honestly hard to explain how integral you are to this team.
  25. It’s incredible how often you go above and beyond.
  26. Your work never ceases to amaze me!
  27. Things have definitely been crazy lately, but you’re crushing it!

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