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IT Teams Management Conference

On February 6th and 7th Eklektika took part in the Conference ‘IT Teams Management’ organised by Computerworld and held at the Centrum Nauki Kopernik. It combined two perspectives – HR and IT and was the only event of its kind in Poland. The program included the best practices in acquiring, motivating and managing IT specialists. On the second day, the participants were able to explore their knowledge during interactive workshops. The program also included expert sessions and opportunities to exchange your own experiences.

As providers of English for IT language courses, we are always looking for new ideas and news from the market to tailor our courses even better to the changing needs of the industry.  It was a great opportunity for us to learn much more about our clients’ needs. The knowledge we have acquired through being part of such an innovative event will serve us to improve our courses.

Some of the topics discussed included:

– We are all part of recruitment team: IT, HR and management board

– How to make it work: IT & HR?

– How to build engagement of your IT teams?

The competition for the title of the best IT workplace called AudIT was also held, it is important to point out that it is not only a competition, but also an opportunity to explore what is important for employees, what motivates them to work and how particular aspects of the work are assessed in comparison to other companies. The award is given taking into consideration the results of a conducted research and its results – factors motivating IT employees, the level of satisfaction of their expectations and potential fields of building an advantage over competition.

The winners of “Best IT companies to work in 2017” were: Britenet, KMD Poland and ING Services Polska. We are very happy to have a chance to provide language services to the 1st winner – Britenet! Congratulations?

It was also a great experience to see our Clients running workshops or lectures or simply meeting you at the event.

Workshops were also part of the programme of the event, some of the topics include:

– How to work effectively with remote teams?

– Managing change

– Managing multicultural teams

– Career paths in the IT industry

Eklektika hosted a workshop  on February 7th titled “How to communicate effectively in English in the IT Industry”. It was led by our Director of Studies Pawel Nowak, Ph.D.  with the support of the teachers Richard Mortimer, Milosz Lindner and Joswrany Mendez McEwan.

The participants were able to practice their previous knowledge of English by taking part in role-plays and team exercises focused on giving feedback in an effective way, recruiting IT specialists, taking part in daily stand-ups, as well as becoming more familiar with some of the IT vocabulary used daily by IT specialists.

Hope to see you all next year!