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Intermediate English – who is it for?

It is for all those who have completed level A2 and passed the placement tests for English for intermediate learners (B1) or for those who have completed level B1 and passed the placement tests for English for intermediate plus learners (B2), as well as for those who completed an English for intermediate learners course a few years ago but have had a long break from the language and want a quick refresher on the most important points.

What will you learn on our intermediate level course?

English for intermediate learners will allow you to develop your English more fully at the working knowledge level. After completing our intermediate English courses, you will be able to understand the meaning of complex content and reasonably easily formulate detailed statements as well as clearly explain your point of view. You will feel confident due to your ability to discuss most topics with relative ease, fluently, and spontaneously, also when interacting with native speakers of English. Your English will attain a level described as working knowledge!

Intermediate English course syllabus

Language courses are most often divided into two main categories: general and business.
Below you will find a set of key grammatical and lexical points.

The grammar topics included in our intermediate English course comprise primarily the following:

  • adjectives and adverbs
  • comparative and superlative adjectives
  • compound questions
  • conditionals 2 & 3 and mixed conditionals
  • expressions describing cause and effect, contrast, etc.
  • the future continuous tense
  • modal verbs
  • the past continuous tense
  • the past simple tense
  • the past perfect tense
  • compound verbs
  • the present perfect continuous tense
  • the present perfect tense
  • reported speech
  • passive voice
  • wh- questions
  • “will” vs “going to”
  • the future perfect tense
  • the future perfect continuous tense
  • phraseological compounds, expanded
  • the “wish” patterns
  • “would” expressing past habit
  • expressions describing cause and effect, contrast, etc.
  • expressions such as “although”, “in spite of”, “despite”
  • discourse markers in formal speech, linking expressions
  • time expressions

Sample vocabulary areas – English for intermediate learners:

General English, intermediate level: Communication, Change, Experiences, Travel, Work, Business, Sport, Interests, Food, Innovation, Art, Psychology, Lifestyles, Future Challenges, Education, Communities, Mysteries, and the Media.

Business English for intermediate learners: Organisation, Business Development, Corporate Culture, Customer Service Centre, Quality Control, Education and Careers, Product, Packaging, Retail, Corporate Social Responsibility, Mergers and Acquisitions, Exports, Information Technology, Social Media, Marketing, Accounts, Fair Trade.

What classes can you attend while on an intermediate course?

English for Intermediate learners is a course delivered at two levels: B1 and B2. At any of these levels, you can take one of the following courses:

  • Intermediate General English
  • Intermediate Business English
  • Intermediate English, Industry-Specific (English for Special Purposes)
  • Intermediate English Mix (General + Business or Business + Industry-Specific)

Online and face-to-face classes

We offer both remote and on-site classes. However, given the current epidemic, most of our clients are opting for intermediate English courses delivered online. We conduct classes via well-proven and popular videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. On request, we work with a tool provided by the client. Based on our observations over several years, we believe that the effectiveness of online classes is similar to that of on-site classes.

What makes our intermediate English course stand out?

Tailored to the needs and level of proficiency of our students, all our courses are delivered by experienced Polish teachers and native speakers from English-speaking countries. In addition to the language itself, you also learn about the culture of English-speaking countries and the cultural aspects relevant to business. English for intermediate learners with Eklektika is the perfect choice for all those who want to learn effectively and fruitfully!