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Idiomatic expressions to use at work – Part II


  • To have a lot on (my/his) plate:

I would love to go on holiday this week but I’ve got a lot on my plate so I will be working late.

  • To be swamped:

There’s so much to do around the office. Everyone is absolutely swamped.


  • High flier:

Janet has gotten the most sales this month. She’s definitely a high flier.

  • Stop at nothing:

Kris is working late everyday and sometimes even on weekends. I think she will stop at nothing to get promoted.

  • It’s in the bag:

Carol has just come back from the negotiation, she says the deal went well so it’s in the bag.


  • Get the ball rolling:

Every start is rough, what’s important is to get the ball rolling and then we will see.

  • Get cracking:

The supervisors will visit from Head Office so everyone should get cracking.

Working hard

  • Going to the extra mile:

Steven will probably be promoted soon, he is always willing to go the extra mile.

  • Pulling (his/her) weight:

It’s important that every single person pulls their own weight for this new project.

  • To have (his/her) work cut out for (him/her):

The new directives have arrived from Home Office, it seems Joe will have his work cut out for him.

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