Specialist translations

Do you want to order a specialist translation? You are in the right place! Our interdisciplinary team produces top-quality specialist translations from and into most European languages, covering a wide range of industries, regardless of the language pair or the complexity of the source material. Check us out!

Specialist translations require an excellent command of the language pair as well as in-depth knowledge of the relevant sector and strong familiarity with specialist terminology. This is why we assign specialised translations only to our best translators – professionals boasting an excellent knowledge of a particular industry and constantly updating their knowledge, who often also have professional experience in working in the relevant line of business. We guarantee the highest quality of translations and short delivery times!

Specialist translations – English, German, Russian, and other languages

Do you want to order a translation of specialist materials, technical documentation, manuals, certifications, or specifications? Or perhaps you need to translate technical data sheets or safety data sheets for products, software, or a specialist website? What language are your materials to be translated into? We cooperate with top translators working in multiple language pairs, including English-Polish, German-Polish, and Russian-Polish, in both directions, as well as linguists translating from one foreign language into another foreign language, allowing us to offer virtually all language combinations. Your specialist translations are 100% safe in the hands of our professionals! We will do our best to ensure that the translation job you commission us to undertake meets all your expectations!

Proofreading translations – top quality service

We know that as far as specialist translations go, every word counts! That is why we always deliver translation jobs to the highest standards and entrust the work to experienced specialists. In addition, each translation is subjected to an internal quality assurance procedure, which makes it possible to eliminate any substantive or consistency-related errors and to check the correctness of the translation in terms of style.

Any industry and any translation complexity

Our interdisciplinary team comprises professionals of various specialisations hailing from a wide range of industries and fields, fluent in their languages, boasting in-depth knowledge of their sector, and comfortable with the complex terminology specific to it. We cooperate with medical and pharmaceutical experts, lawyers, economists, engineers, as well as translators authorised by the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations and the Association of Economic and Legal Translators. We translate all kinds of specialised materials and text, regardless of their volume, level of complexity, or content. Do you need a specialised certified translation? Our team also includes sworn translators accredited by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland.

Why commission us to provide a specialist translation service?

We take an individual approach to every order, carefully selecting specialists and consistently delivering top quality translations. We have the experience and knowledge to provide translations of text concerning a variety of industries. You can commission us to perform even the most demanding translations, including those pertaining to niche fields. Tell us exactly what your needs are, describe what your company does, and give us specific criteria that the translation or series of translations must meet, and we will prepare for you a personalised quote for the specialist service you require.