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5 motivational TED talks on language learning

When you learn a language sometimes you may feel like you have no more energy or no more patience to continue. Here are 5 motivational TED talks on how to learn a language that Eklektika has selected for you. Find your own method!

  1. The secrets of learning a new language by Lýdia Machová

You can find her talk on YouTube or on the official TED talks website (where you can watch it with subtitles in English or your mother tongue)

Lydia is an interpreter and a polyglot; she speaks 9 different languages. In this video she reveals the secret why some people become polyglots and learn languages so easily. If you ask 100 polyglots about their ‘secret’ to learn a language, you will hear 100 different answers. But they all have one thing in common. It is not about being raised in bilingual families or having studied abroad. Lydia’s answer is very simple. Check it out in her interesting and easy talk!

Visit her website to find more useful tips for learning a new language:

  1. How to Talk Like a Native Speaker by Marc Green

Marc talks about his bilingual childhood and describes his own path in language acquisition. He explains the “Native speaker” levels of learning a language, telling funny stories and giving interesting examples. What is actually a ‘native speaker’? Marc gives tips on pronunciation and colloquial speech. But he believes that the learning process it is not only about grammar and pronunciation, it is also about gestures and culture.

  1. How to learn any language in six months by Chris Lonsdale

If you’ve been learning a foreign language for a couple of years and you still don’t have a result that satisfies you, here is a talk for impatient learners who want to speak the language as soon as possible.

Chris Lonsdale, who is a New Zealand psychologist and linguist, gives a talk on how to learn languages in a short time. Based on his psychological education, he discusses 5 principles and 7 actions one can do to learn a language.

  1. 5 techniques to speak any language by Sid Efromovich

A very  smiley presenter tries to explain how the language learning process works. He gives clues on how to avoid pronunciation mistakes and funny tips on practicing talking. A very logical and easy to follow talk.

  1. Why We Struggle Learning Languages by Gabriel Wyner

A real artist is on the stage! Gabriel takes us through his experience of language learning and inspires everyone to start this journey.