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Professional translations for your company

Does your company operate across Europe or beyond? Does your day-to-day experience involve dealing with dozens of materials, manuals, and official documents that require faithful and natural-sounding translation? Or perhaps you’re preparing for an important international videoconference? In any of these cases, we’ll be happy to help you!

We offer translations for businesses from Polish into foreign languages and vice versa. Our team comprises qualified specialists who provide translations, both general and industry-specific, covering all European languages (e.g. English, German, Italian, Spanish, or Russian). With us, you can count on reliable and client-centred service and translations performed with the utmost accuracy and commitment.

Translation and interpretation services

Translations are by far the most frequently provided service in this segment. We have translated hundreds of pages of various documents and company literature for our clients hailing from diverse fields and industries. Every text is proofread (if necessary, also by a native speaker) and edited to ensure that your translation is of the highest quality – accurate, consistent, and correct in terms of style and tone.

We also provide interpreting services to our clients during any kind of e-meetings, e-presentations, and videoconferences. Depending on your individual needs and expectations, we can offer you simultaneous interpretation (the message from the source language is translated into the target language in real-time), whispered interpretation (the interpreter whispers the translation into the ear of a meeting participant, rather than working from a soundproof booth via earphones), and consecutive interpretation (the interpreter converts the words into the target language after the speaker delivers one or two sentences).

Standard and certified translations

Most company materials such as leaflets and brochures, advertising and marketing literature, notes from meetings, and briefs don’t have to be translated by a sworn translator. In such cases, you will need our standard language translation service, which will be provided by a specialist linguist who has a perfect command of the chosen foreign language and Polish, as well as boasting in-depth knowledge of the industry in which you operate and its specific terminology.

Certified translations are delivered by sworn translators and are necessary when translating diplomas and certificates, documents certified by a notary public or drawn up as a notarial deed, and certain other documents, e.g. company contracts, annexes, as well as HR and accounting records. We delegate such jobs only to well-proven translators entered in the register of sworn translators kept by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland.

Always on time!

We offer short delivery times for translation commissions! Are you pushed for time and need to have your text translated ASAP? Have us do a rush translation, which we will deliver to the highest standards, without any compromise on quality.