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Do you want to test your level of English? Take our free English test and find out where you are with your language skills! Our English placement test is a modern tool that will accurately determine your language competence – here and now!

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Free online English test – test your English

Do you work in business, e-commerce, or IT? Are you planning a career change or just entering the job market? Or do you want to resume learning English after a long break and sign up for an industry-specific language course at the right level? Take our English placement test! It is a professional tool developed by our specialists with you in mind! We make the tests available free of charge and online, here and now, to make your decision as easy as possible. Shall we get started?

Free English placement test – who is it for?

Our English placement test is dedicated to every adult who wants to check the level of their language skills. To take part in our test, simply sign up on our website. It’s as easy as this. We specialise in services for businesses and effective teaching of industry-specific English, so our tests are designed to reveal the test-taker’s general language skills and their knowledge of business vocabulary.

Our online English test – how does it work?

The English placement test is available on our website – completely free of charge and online. The test consists of three parts and a total of 30 close-ended questions (10 questions in each part). The test checks your knowledge of grammar (including the verb tenses, conditionals, verb modes, and inflection), familiarity with lexical-grammatical structures, and vocabulary.

Sign up on our website (just enter your name and add your email address), set aside 30 minutes of your time (this is how much time the English test will take you) and… just tackle it!

What level is your English?

We test English skills based on the universal scale of the Council of Europe, i.e. the Common European Framework of Reference. The CEFR distinguishes six levels of language proficiency: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2, divided into three groups: beginner (A1 and A2), intermediate (B1 and B2), advanced (C1 and C2). The different groups and levels correspond to strictly defined language skills and knowledge of relevant amounts of vocabulary. The higher the level, the better developed the learner’s language skills (theoretical and practical) and the wider their range of words, phrases, and expressions. Do you want to find out which level you are at? Take this English test!

Professional language competence test – available to you now!

Our English placement test was designed by a team of specialists, experienced teachers, and native speakers following the CEFR scale developed by the Council of Europe. We have ensured that our testing tool is as precise as possible to assess your level of language competence and to recommend you the right English course level.

We provide the test free-of-charge and online – you can take it any time, so why not now! You will receive the results as soon as you complete the test.