About us

  • Expertise and experience in creating and conducting language courses for IT and e-commerce companies. Over 16 years in business. We work with the best.
  • An original platform called DO IT (Digital, Online, IT) with English. Authentic, up-to-date and interactive learning materials.
  • The highest quality, excellent preparation, experienced language teachers and native speakers.
  • Smooth course organisation, customer service, response time, flexibility.
  • Openness to innovation and readiness to adopt new educational solutions and learning tools, agility, supporting our clients’ digital transformation.
  • High ethical standards in business, integrity, transparency.
  • Diversity & Inclusion.

Founders of the school

  • Iwona Braun-Nowak – prezes zarządu IWONA BRAUN-NOWAK – MANAGING DIRECTORA A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. Holder of a diploma in management from the UK Institute of Leadership & Management, Iwona is an experienced assessor and moderator in AC/DC sessions. For the past 15 years, she has been involved in the management of educational and training projects.
  • dr Paweł Nowak – dyrektor metodyczny | członek zarząduPAWEŁ NOWAK, PHD – DIRECTOR OF STUDIES A graduate in linguistics from Harvard University, Paweł received his PhD degree in the field from the University of California, Berkeley. He has also worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Co, Speech Project Manager at Google, and translator at DIBRE.

What makes us stand out

What makes us stand out

  • Professional teachers and native speakers. You will perfect your language skills with the best teachers in the market boasting expertise in new technologies, the e-commerce industry in particular.
  • Our DO IT (Digital, Online, IT) with English platform. You will use original resources based on industry-specific and multimedia content. In your spare time, you will practice your skills using our signature platform.
  • Experience in the line of business. 15 years in the market and expertise in IT and e-commerce. We work with the best!

Our values

  • Professionalism – in everything we do
  • Effectiveness – you see noticeable progress in a short time
  • Responsibility – you can rely on us
  • Innovation – innovative online tools, resources, and methodology
  • Passion – acquisition of a second language means creativity and personal development – for you and us, too




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