Look at some adjectives describing company culture. Use Quizlet to revise their meaning. Which ones have positive and which ones have negative meaning?

Now try to define the remaining four adjectives, namely:

  • stressful
  • inspiring
  • engaging
  • micromanaged

Write your definitions here before you share them with others.

Work in pairs. Choose five adjectives that describe the ideal company culture. Present and explain your choice to other pairs. If you and your partner have different opinions, share both points of view.

You may start by saying:

  • In my opinion an ideal company culture is (adjective) because …
  • To my mind, a/an (adjective) company would be an ideal workplace. I think so because …
  • I believe that (adjective) describes a perfect company culture, as….

Click and practise the adjectives

Play a guessing game. Choose an adjective and define it so that the others can guess which one you have in mind. Take turns.