Effective time management – video & vocabulary

Video-based discussion and vocabulary practice

Watch the video and discuss the tips for effective time management.

Discuss the questions below.


  • Have you ever made a To-do list and estimated how much time you need for completing particular tasks?
  • Are you sure all the things that occupy you on a daily basis are necessary? Do you think you could delegate some of your tasks to other people?
  • How do you determine which tasks should be taken care of first? Do you have any system for setting priorities? Have you ever heard of the Eisenhower Matrix?
  • How often does something unexpected disturb your daily routine? What small changes could help you free up some time in case you have to deal with unplanned emergencies?
  • Do you agree that technology can be a distraction? What distracts you during the day?
  • Do you use a calendar to keep track of your tasks and appointments? Do you prefer a notebook calendar, desk planner, or mobile app?
  • Would you add any other tips for effective time management to this list? What do you do to manage your time efficiently?


Match the words from the text with the definitions below.