Expressing opinion – functional language

Take a look at some useful phrases for expressing opinion:

1. In my opinion / In my view

  • In my opinion, procrastination is our worst enemy.
  • In my view, there is nothing more detrimental to our concentration and true potential than constant postponing and making excuses.

2. The way I see it / As I see it

  • The way I see it, we should find out what our peak time during the day is and allocate that time for doing top-priority work.
  • As I see it, we often waste our productivity peak on doing less important, repetitive tasks.

3. It seems to me that / To me

  • It seems to me that multitasking doesn’t work.
  • To me, doing many things at the same time is very distracting and takes much more time than completing tasks in a sequence.

4. I would say that

  • I would say that one of the most common mistakes we make is miscalculating the time and energy we need to complete a task.

5. I think / I suppose / I guess / I assume / I believe

  • I think that perfectionism is a big problem.
  • I suppose that not everything must be perfect. I know that we strive for excellence, but sometimes it’s enough that something is done. 
  • I guess that productivity often comes down to planning. Although it may seem like a waste of time, planning will save you time and stress in the end. 
  • I assume that most of the time we feel rushed throughout the day because we start our day too late.
  • I believe that technology can be both helpful and distracting. 

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