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English can be learned in many ways – by tackling the challenge holistically or focusing on a specific area of interest.

Specialist courses are the response to the needs of the modern learner, who has limited time and very specific needs and expectations. These industry-specific courses enable their participants to quickly and effectively improve their language skills in the area of their choice, equipping them with the practical skills to fulfil their life and work-related tasks.

Who are our specialist English courses for?

Specialist English courses cater to all those who want to effectively improve the language skills pertaining to a specific area, field, or industry in a short time.

These courses are tailored to the specialised needs and expectations of specific lines of business and their representatives, enabling them to effectively broaden relevant vocabulary and develop particular skills necessary in the course of everyday tasks and professional challenges.

Industry-specific English language courses

Our professional English courses are aimed at individuals working in specific occupations or candidates seeking employment in these professions. These include courses in English for sectors including IT, e-business, and sales (dedicated to a very wide sector specialising in direct and indirect sales, junior and senior managers, sales representatives, etc.), as well as groups of professionals such as financiers, logisticians, lawyers, engineers, or doctors and nurses.

This category also includes our Business English course – a solution for business owners, board members, and directors and managers who attend various business meetings and conduct negotiations with contractors.

Task-based courses for professionals

English courses for professionals focus on specific tasks and challenges faced by the learners.

Do you deliver training in English? Are you responsible for presenting (and representing) your company? Or perhaps your daily experience involves business talks or discussing technical issues in English? We have a course that is optimally tailored to your needs, allowing you to perfect your skills in the very area you need and are interested in. Also, our offer includes a course dedicated to developing self-presentation skills in English as well as one that will prepare you for a job interview in English.

You can do this!

Specialist courses – what can you expect?

Our specialist courses are precisely tailored to the needs of companies and individuals working in specific professions or industries and performing specific professional tasks or those seeking employment in a given line of business. Based on specially selected original resources developed using up-to-date industry-specific content and publications, the courses are held on fixed days and times, on-site or remotely, in groups or on a one-to-one basis. Here everything is up to you!

Our offer also caters to companies intent on investing in the development of their employees.

Why choose an industry-specific course?

Industry-specific courses are perfectly tailored to the needs and expectations of a given industry. Here you will develop universal language skills based on current issues and vocabulary from the area that interests you. The courses are designed and taught by experienced teachers and native speakers very familiar with relevant industries.