Idź do treci
Learn English through TRAVEL podcasts

Did you have a chance to escape for a nice vacation this summer? In case you had to stay in the office, there is no reason to be sad. Learn something new about other cultures and prepare yourself for the next trip by listening to these podcasts. Here are some nice British and American podcast and YouTube channels that will add color to your working day.

 The Endless Adventure

This American couple has been travelling non-stop for 4 years. They travelled around Europe, Canada and the USA. Short videos (around 10-15 min) are easy to understand. For all levels of English learners.

Flying The Nest

When they arrive to the airport they still don’t know where they are flying. Isn’t that the craziest thing? Watch this couple travelling around the globe sharing their experience and lifehacks.

This Week In Travel

Travel news show and interviews with a special guest traveller.

Counting Countries

Host Rick Gazarian interviews people who have either completed or are close to completing the ultimate bucket list of all 194 UN designated countries.

The Globetrotter Lounge

The host of this show is Jet Set Lisette, an award-winning travel expert. Lisette interviews amazing and inspiring women who have found creative ways to travel the world.

Rick Steves’ EUROPE

Rick Steves is an American travel writer, guide book author, television personality and podcast presenter. His podcast collection includes not only audio tours but also European videos and live recordings from the travel classics.

Go Wild

BBC radio 4 podcast. The host takes you on adventure through forests and rivers of our planet. Nature documentaries.