Vocabulary Practice: Predictive Targeting

Read the text again and complete the tasks.

Predictive targeting

Dear e-merchant, have you checked our new product yet?
Meet PrediTargeter.

What is it?

A tool which can help you turn people who visit your website into purchasers, or, in other words, convert better across all digital channels.

How does it work?

Instead of being based on traditional behavioral targeting that makes use of such information as demographic data and financial profile of your customer, PrediTargeter focuses on predictive audience targeting – a more efficient approach than the former.

Let’s examine the details

In recent years, marketers have used a range of various techniques to improve the performance of their ads. Predictive targeting provides them with even more powerful tools.

When people browse websites, they send intent signals of all kinds, such as how long they looked at a product and its versions, how they responded to it, whether they browsed recommendation engines or reviews and so on.

This data can be used by self learning analytics which develop whenever new data is provided: artificial intelligence makes use of various algorithms to analyze the customer’s actions and behavior.

It allows personalization as marketers can then optimize the ad’s content automatically – a client who just purchased your product wouldn’t see the same product in an ad, but a supplementary one. Thanks to machine learning you can predict your customers’ next moves – past purchases and website behavior is the basis on which PrediTargeter perpetually gets better at anticipating purchases to come.

How much does it cost?

The trial, Basic version is free the first month you try it. The Pro version costs $199.99 monthly