Vocabulary Practice: Networking with charismatic leaders

Read the text again and match the words with their definitions.

Networking with charismatic leaders

What best motivates employees to do their work? A new study shows that the key factor in making people perform is a charismatic leader. But not only this. Researchers now claim that charismatic leaders have the most powerful tool in their hands: the social network.

The word ‘charisma’ is a Greek word meaning ‘a gift’. Charismatic leaders usually take risks and are passionate about their vision. They are leading their team to make the goal come through. Only the most energetic and persuasive leaders can show their employees that their vision is worth all the efforts. Leaders are person-oriented but also make people want to serve the organization more than themselves.

Now, researchers claim that charismatic leaders have an even more important role: setting challenging goals through social networking. Being charismatic means having a magnetic influence on people. Through their extensive contacts, leaders can motivate people. How?

Normally, people form networks in the belief that this will give them some benefit or because of similar interests. Being well informed about others may result in planning and organizing your work towards a common goal.

Social networks can also help you find a job. Senior contacts in an organization, like top managers or even members of the board, have typically more information or can reach it more quickly. If you are looking for a job and use a senior contact, also in an informal way, you can find a more prestigious position.

Now, people tend to join a social network because of a charismatic leader. What benefit can the followers gain? The effects are like catching a cold – but in a good way. When we are motivated, we become more decisive: we articulate our dreams, set goals, take risks, and step into action.