Vocabulary Practice: Applications

Read the text again and answer the questions with some of the words in bold.

Did you know that nearly 42% of the world’s population had access to the Internet in 2014? It’s hardly surprising that more and more entrepreneurs are willing to try their hand at running online stores. E-commerce can be a very lucrative business, however, it could not exist without software applications.yconco-glossy-free-vector-icon-set-1236588-640x640

An application (app) is a type of program that enables users to perform certain tasks. There is a vast array of desktop and mobile apps out there. The one which is absolutely indispensable for e-commerce is a web browser. Web browsers allow users to visit websites and perform certain activities within them, such as viewing products or downloading catalogs. Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome apps are just some of the most popular choices among Internet users.

A shopping cart is yet another type of application used by businesses to facilitate online shopping. Installed on a web server, a cart makes it possible to create a list of items which virtual shoppers intend to purchase. The application calculates the total order amount, inclusive of shipping and handling charges and any applicable taxes, and then redirects the buyer to a payment gateway.

Payment apps enable users to make payments online, also via mobile devices. PaySimple, Pay Anywhere, PayPal Here are just a few examples of applications which make it possible for businesses to accept credit and debit cards, and transfer funds from the customer’s bank account.