Vocabulary Practice: Instagram Stories

Read the article again and complete the vocabulary tasks.

Instagram Stories are photos or videos that disappear twenty-four hours after you post them. They are a great way to connect with your audience and keep them coming back to your page for more because no one wants to miss the chance to see something that will soon be gone.

There are lots of ways to use Stories and make them interesting. Instagram Stories are just fifteen seconds in length, and if you make a Boomerang, which is a very short video clip that is looped, it will be just six seconds. If you want to make a longer Story, try making an IGTV video, which can be much longer (fifteen minutes if you upload it from your phone, or up to an hour if you upload it from your computer). After you add your image or video, you can mention someone by typing ‘@’ followed by their IG handle (Instagram username). You can also geotag your stories at that time to add a location. A fun idea is to add a question Sticker (by pressing the button with the square smiley face), and then people will be able to ask you a question or even send you a song.

Hopefully your audience will want to  rewind your Story (you can rewind an Instagram Story once it finishes by tapping the left side of the screen to go back to a previous Story) and not tap the X (or swipe down) to exit. If you’re lucky, the people who watch your Story will double tap and a small heart will pop up, showing they ‘liked’ it.