Vocabulary: Analytics

Read the article again and complete the tasks.

If you want your blog to be successful, you need to be working towards optimization. This is all about increasing the number of visitors and their engagement. Blog dashboards, like Google Analytic Dashboards, make it very easy to find information like how many people are visiting your blog or even the average amount of time spent on a page.

If you want to get these visitors, you need to use some business intelligence. Executives use this process, based on technology, to study data and deliver information that helps you make better business decisions.

Consider aggregation, a collection of information based on a common topic. Creating an aggregator website can be a great way for you to market your blog, customer reviews, and anything else that fits into a certain topic. When you aggregate other people’s information and blogs as well, it can build up your own content, too, and lead to comparative analysis – potential customers can make comparisons themselves and see why you’re the better choice for a certain need. Use the right keywords and you can soon draw the right audience.

Does your company use an application? An API (Application Programming Interface), such as Blogger API, allows two applications to “talk to each other”, making it possible to update or view  your blog from wherever you are.

AI, Artificial Intelligence, can be a great tool for blogging as well. It could improve your content strategy or even write part of a blog post, giving content creators some help with big tasks.  Certainly, big data, too large or complicated for traditional database systems, is a big task. However, with some business intelligence, together with data architecture and design, this data can be collected, arranged, and perhaps most importantly, used to help you grow.