Vocabulary: Instagram Lives

Read the article again and complete the vocabulary tasks.

What do you think about going Live on Instagram? It’s a fantastic way to connect with people in real time. When it comes to attracting new followers and possible business customers, organic reach is one of the best ways. By using livestreams to connect with people who will look at and see your content without the need for paid advertisements, you will save money and be involved in the Instagram community more. Organic reach is increased in this way because the Instagram algorithm shows users more posts from friends and accounts it can tell a user is interested in.  Doing Instagram lives and interacting with your audience may also encourage some of your followers to share their own experiences with your brand, and user generated content is exactly what Instagram is known for.

What if you want to repost one of your Instagram live streams at a later time? It’s simple to add a replay of the live stream to your Instagram Story. You can also take a look at saved posts later. What if you want to rethink something you said? You can archive posts, and they will disappear from your Instagram profile and only be visible to you in the Archived Posts section on Instagram. Instagram Lives can really be a game-changer.

You’ll be able to see the benefit of this by taking a look at your Instagram Insights at any time. This tool gives you information about your content and the actions of your followers, the Instagram users that can see your posts on their feed as well as on your profile. You can take a look at your engagement rate and see how users interact with your content. Hopefully, you’ll find that many users have used the double tap feature to like your latest Instagram Live!