Reading: Individual Customer Rights

Read the text and mark the sentences TRUE or FALSE.

If you sell products and services to EU citizens, you have to be aware that those consumers are protected by a myriad of EU directives and laws which ensure customers have the necessary tools at their disposal to fight back against unfair or fraudulent business practices.

Consumer rights laws are in place to protect consumers against certain types of practices. Avoid:

misleading advertising

If you advertise products or services, do not make false claims about them. Ensure the quality of the product matches its description, that its features comply with the description provided, and that the product serves its intended purpose. If you offer samples, the quality of the sample must be the same as the quality of the advertised product.

– misleading omissions

Disclose factual information about the product so that your customers can make an informed decision. Do not leave anything out as this may leave you open to a lawsuit. Ensure the price does not conceal any hidden charges or taxes.

– limiting consumer guarantees

As an e-retailer you are required to: provide an enforceable guarantee, indicate its duration period, and inform customers about the procedure for making claims should they want to return a product or have it repaired.

– selling faulty products

The product must be in good working order for a reasonable period of time. Customers need to be informed in advance about any changes and should have the possibility to withdraw if they do not agree to the new conditions.