Reading: Customer Complaints

Read the text and mark the sentences TRUE or FALSE.

E-shoppers have a powerful weapon at their disposal: the Internet. In the past when a customer was dissatisfied with a service or a product, there weren’t many ways he could voice his dissatisfaction. Nowadays, a disappointed buyer can tear an unresponsive customer service employee to pieces simply by posting a negative comment on the company’s Facebook profile or use a forum to discredit the company and discourage other buyers from purchasing its defective products. All it takes is one post or one tweet to tarnish and damage the reputation of a company forever.
Customers are spoilt for choice. If you don’t offer them a gratifying customer experience, you run the risk of losing them to your competitors.

To prevent that from happening:

– Offer multichannel support. Customers should be able to call you, email you, or contact your customer service department via chat.

– Monitor social media. Respond swiftly when a customer posts a comment. Customers expect instant gratification.

– Be courteous. A comment or response can be read by any Internet user. You don’t want to project an unprofessional image!

– Accept responsibility if you are at fault.

– Try to WOW each and every customer by exceeding their expectations. A satisfied customer will tell a friend, a dissatisfied one will not.

– Ensure your employees are using state-of-the-art technology which makes it possible for them to address and resolve issues efficiently.