Reading: Concluding Remote Agreements

Read the text and mark the sentences TRUE or FALSE.

learning,work3Traditionally, when customers want to purchase a product they go to a store and do so. Sometimes they need to sign a contract, but generally once they pay for a product it is theirs. Although online shopping works on the same premise, it is more complicated in terms of the transaction itself as frequently it is conducted between parties that are not in the same location or country. A remote agreement is an agreement entered into when the seller and buyer do not have the possibility to “seal the deal” face to face. For a remote agreement to be legally binding and enforceable it must clearly state the terms and conditions of your services. Remote agreements stipulate:

– general provisions for ordering goods,

– shipping details,

– fees, instalment plans,

– procedures for withdrawals, returning or replacing goods,

– procedures for the termination of the contract,

– consumer rights,


The most popular types of remote agreements include:

clickwrap agreements

To finalize a transaction, users must read the terms and conditions and give their consent by clicking on the “I agree” button displayed on the page. If a user does not accept the terms, the transaction will not be concluded.

browse-wrap agreements

The moment users download a product or use a service they agree to the terms of the transaction. To read the terms of the agreement, users click on a hyperlink that redirects them to a webpage with the detailed terms and conditions.