IV. Online marketing vocabulary exercise

Use words from the previous exercise A , or words derived from them, to fill in gaps in the sentences below.

Anchor text – What a user would click on to follow a link.

Banner blindnessThe fact that visitors to a website consciously or unconsciously ignore some visual information.

CloakingDisplaying different content to search engines and searchers. The practice has legitimate uses (for example, changing user experience based on location), but it may also get a website banned from searches.

ConversionIt is reached when a desired goal is completed (e.g. a purchase, completion of a survey etc.)

Cybersquatting – Registering domains related to other trademarks or brands in an attempt to cash in on the value created by that trademark or brand.

Deep linkA link which points to an internal page within a website.

DemographicsStatistical data or characteristics which define segments of a population.

ReferrerThe source from which a website visitor came from.

Link churnThe rate at which a site loses links.

IV. Online marketing vocabulary exercise