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Technically speaking, technical English is useful when you need to use a specialist language to describe the technical details of various processes, particularly those related to the manufacture and use of machinery and equipment, operation of various installations, technical drawing, or writing and translating specifications, manuals, and production sheets… It’s an English course for special purposes focusing on the technical side of your passions or professional tasks that will allow you to effectively improve your knowledge of technical English in a short time.

Our Technical English course – who is it for?

Technical English is a course dedicated to people who, either in their private lives or professionally, deal with the technical side of various issues and want to develop their passions or perform their duties more effectively – without language limitations and barriers. Technical English courses can benefit groups of professionals such as technicians and technologists, engineers, installers, service technicians, as well as owners, managers, and employees of companies involved in the production and/or distribution of various types of equipment, devices, machinery, or components/assemblies of technological products. Technical English is also intended to cater to people working in the general IT industry dealing with the technical side of information processing.

What does a Technical English course look like?

Technical English courses are delivered on an on-site basis and online, in groups or individually. The courses can benefit both individuals and companies who want to enable their employees to improve their competencies. The courses aim to equip the learner with the widest possible range of industry-specific vocabulary and to effectively improve their universal language skills. Here, you don’t waste time doing trivial reading tasks – we get down to business straight away using specialist texts relevant to your line of business, which we take them apart, extracting the essentials.

What does our Technical English course cover?

Our Technical English course is a carefully prepared solution that enables learning English with specialised source material containing current technical vocabulary, phrases, and expressions. The courses are based on original resources developed by experienced teachers and native speakers fluent in technical issues inherent in various industries. We are aware that technology is a rapidly changing and dynamically evolving field, which is why we are always in the swim, updating our knowledge and materials we use to teach English.

Why take a Technical English course?

Technical English courses at Eklektika are tailored to the needs and expectations of people who daily deal with the field of technology. We never offer trivialities to our students – we work with concrete industry material so that our students, in the shortest possible time, can enjoy the ability to communicate using specialist, technical English vocabulary. After completing a Technical English course, you will be able to confidently and easily describe all technical aspects of issues you deal with privately, as your passion, or professionally.