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Have you ever wondered why some people’s careers develop at an astonishing pace, while your own competencies aren’t recognised or properly valued? Self-presentation may be the answer! Join us for our course dedicated to self-presentation in English! Self-presentation in English? With us, you can do it!

Self-presentation in English – who is the course for?

This professional English course dedicated to self-presentation caters to all those who wish to improve their competencies in presenting themselves as a potential employee or manager. It’s a valuable solution designed for employees, business owners, salespeople, and all those who rely on their self-presentation to perform well in their professional lives!

Self-presentation in English – what does the course look like?

All our courses are designed from the ground up, to meet the needs of our clients. In the first meeting, we analyse the learner’s needs, based on which we develop a “tailor-made” course. We will then together determine the objectives of the course and choose the appropriate methods and tools.

Self-presentation in English – what does the course cover?

During the course you will learn the following (and more):

  • What is self-presentation and first impressions?
  • What is the importance of verbal and non-verbal messages in the context of self-presentation in English?
  • What are the types of verbal communication in English?
  • How do you adjust your speech to the audience in English?
  • What are the qualities of a good speaker?
  • How can you use your voice?
  • How to deal with nervous tension before and during a speech?
  • What could be the reasons for the audience’s undesirable behaviour?
  • How to respond effectively to criticism and questions in English?

Also, you will learn the following techniques and tools:

  • effective communication in English
  • building the right image of yourself
  • strengthening your self-presentation in the eyes of the client, e.g. during business talks, presentations, negotiations, etc.
  • interesting others in what you offer (products/services)

In this course, you will learn many phrases needed to deliver effective oral expression/self-presentation in English!

Some of these are:

I’m involved in software development/engineering/HR management.


I’m involved in conducting training courses for our new staff.


I’m responsible for ensuring that our new staff are well trained.


I’m in charge of the Sales Department/ the hotel construction project.

What makes our course unique?

We have been providing linguistic support to managers and professionals who work in an international environment for many years. We work with individuals from many walks of life, some of whom experience difficulties related to self-confidence and effectiveness when attending meetings, speaking, and making self-presentations in English among their international colleagues, clients, and business partners.

We rely on our experience of more than a decade to provide practical English language training that develops the confidence needed to become an effective English public speaker. With our course, professionals like you and your team members will quickly build the skills and confidence needed to succeed in business.

Thanks to our experienced teaching staff, extensive teaching resources, online tools, methodological support, and tailoring the courses, our language classes, including courses in Self-Presentation in English, are truly unique!