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Have you ever wondered how to increase your effectiveness as a sales representative, sales manager, and/or business owner? Do you work in the Sales Department of a large corporation or run your own small business? Use our course dedicated to holding sales conversations in English!

Sales Conversations in English – who is the course for?

For sales staff in large corporations as well as salespeople in small or medium-sized companies.

For business owners who directly deal with the sales of goods or services.

For sales managers (KAMs) who want to support their team in improving sales performance.

For employees actively gaining new customers, for sales representatives, and also for all those who just want to try their hand at sales.

Sales Conversations in English – what does the course look like?

The course is delivered as a workshop during which we focus mainly on the practical aspect of the subject. During the course, you will practise the use of negotiation techniques in English, acquire the ability to argue your point of view in English, and prepare to take part in business meetings and sales talks. You will also gain knowledge of the most important cultural differences when holding international talks.

Sales Conversations in English – what does the course cover?

Our course Sales Conversations in English will let you develop your language skills in the following areas:

  • Language preparation for sales conversations – key idioms, greeting the other party, and starting a conversation in English.
  • Setting the agenda for the conversation in English. Connecting the different elements of what you say.
  • Direct and indirect communication. Asking questions and responding.
  • Attentive listening, effectively asking questions in a meeting in English.
  • The language of dispute handling in English. Proper intonation.
  • Making and responding to proposals. The language for making suggestions.
  • Negotiating in English. Maintaining positive communication. Specifying conditions in English.
  • Negotiating in English part 2. Responding to the other party’s proposals and conditions.
  • Conclusions and agreement. Summing up and closing a sales conversation in English.
  • Cross-cultural aspects in sales conversations in English.
  • Simulations of sales meetings and conversations in English. Case studies. Practice with the student’s examples.

What will you learn and how will you gain new skills on our course?

On the Sales Conversations in English course, you will master key language skills and vocabulary needed for effective sales conversations in English. This English course will boost your confidence in commerce-related situations. You will learn the principles of direct and indirect communication, the language of negotiation, and essential business idioms used in talks and meetings dedicated to commerce held in English.

After completing the Sales Conversations in English course, you will be able to speak with confidence in negotiations, finalise a sale successfully, and negotiate the best possible terms for you or your company!

What makes our course unique?

Always developed with our students’ individual needs in mind, our Sales Conversations in English course is taught by experienced teachers boasting extensive familiarity with business and international experience. After completing our course, you’ll be able to confidently use English in sales talks, successfully close your sale, and efficiently negotiate the best possible business terms for you or your company!