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Do you work in the healthcare sector? We know that you have devoted many years to your degree programme and continue to patiently educate yourself, closely following the development of the medical sector, learning the latest techniques and equipment, which allow you to systematically improve the quality of your patients’ lives and help them even more effectively.

Are you a nurse? We appreciate your knowledge and commitment, the way you care for patients, and how you support doctors in their work. Medical English courses are designed specifically for healthcare professionals, as well as for administrative staff in health centres and hospitals.

Master English quickly and effectively

We know you have no time to waste and your work schedule is usually extremely tight. That’s why we offer you an intensive, maximally effective English learning experience tailored to your needs and expectations.

Medical English is a course that, in a short time, will allow you to effectively improve your universal language skills and significantly expand your professional vocabulary.

Who is our Medical English course for?

Medical English courses are designed primarily for medical professionals – doctors working in various specialities as well as nurses.

Our courses are also used by medical students, people working in various medicine-related professions (e.g. midwives, laboratory diagnosticians, paramedics, and pharmacists), as well as medical staff and healthcare professionals (e.g. epidemiologists and physiotherapists).

English for doctors and nurses – what does the course look like?

English courses for doctors and English courses for nurses are taught by professional English teachers who boast extensive medical knowledge, often supported by professional experience in the medical sector, in the broadest meaning of the term.

Our courses are based on original resources developed based on up-to-date, specialist industry-specific texts on issues related to medicine and patient care. Our classes and courses are held both on-site and online, on a one-to-one basis and in small, carefully assembled groups.

Why choose a Medical English course?

By choosing a Medical English course, you can be confident that you will be learning the living English spoken by today’s medical professionals around the world. In a short time, you will significantly improve your English skills, gaining ease in holding a conversation with your colleagues and foreign patients who don’t speak your native language. Our Medical English course will equip you with a wide range of sector-specific vocabulary, enabling you to further your professional development – without any limitations in language terms.

English courses for the medical sector

Eklektika offers English courses for medical professionals in a variety of online formats – one-to-one English lessons as well as intensive group courses. Choose the option that best fits your needs, expectations, and work schedule.