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Do you work as an in-house lawyer or are you part of a larger team in a law firm? Do you service English-speaking customers or work with documents written in English? In your work, every letter, every number, and every clause is of great importance. There is no room for inaccuracies here, and every decision you make when tackling your professional challenges must be based on reliable information and utmost objectivity.

Our English for lawyers is a specialised course that will enable you to expand your professional competencies, hold conversations in legalese with ease, and use any English-language sources without limitations.

Learn to communicate fluently in English

Proficiency in English is well within your capabilities. The perfectly crafted course in English for lawyers will allow you to brush up on and effectively improve your universal language skills while expanding your professional vocabulary (and more!) at a fast pace.

Your substantially improved English will give you maximum comfort in conversations with lawyers or business contacts and let you take full advantage of various professional courses and training schemes, symposia, and conferences conducted in English.

Who are Legal English courses for?

English courses for lawyers should be used by anyone with a degree in law or studying law, working as a lawyer or in administration, providing services related to commercial, tax and financial law, as well as labour law or international law.

Our students include solicitors, legal advisers, and notaries public, as well as tax advisers, patent agents, and judicial administrators.

There is also a sizable group of final-year law students who want to enter the labour market equipped with fluent Legal English.

What does our Legal English course look like?

English courses for lawyers are conducted on-site or online, on a one-to-one basis and in groups. Our teachers delivering Legal English courses are experienced professionals fluent in English and boasting an in-depth knowledge of various subjects and methods of legal regulation, often supported by industry-specific professional experience.

Why choose a Legal English course?

A Legal English course is tailored to the needs and expectations of professionals, dedicated to people working in a specific industry, and delivered by teachers who are perfectly familiar with legal issues and the language nuances related to them. There is no room for random content here.

We believe that learning English effectively means an experience that best suits our students’ interests and professional needs. Legal English courses guarantee the highest standard of teaching and language work in groups, comprising committed people with relevant education and professional experience (or preparing for the legal profession), using up-to-date industry resources.

English for lawyers course offer

English courses for lawyers offered by Eklektika are delivered in a variety of online formats, either as one-to-one lessons or as crash English courses in small, carefully assembled groups.

Check out the details of our language course offering and choose what will best meet your needs and expectations.