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Thinking about changing jobs? Want to improve your English communication skills? Got a job offer from a competing company and want to do well at an interview in English?

It couldn’t be any easier! Our professional English course dedicated to job interviews in English is certain to make it an easier task!

Job Interviews in English – who is the course for?

The course caters to professionals in many fields thinking about changing jobs or those just starting their career –  for experienced workers and new entrants to the job market who want to do well in a job interview in English, and everybody who wants to improve their competencies.

Job Interviews in English – what does the course look like?

Each English course is individually designed so that it precisely caters to your needs. In the first class, your teacher will analyse your needs, based on which they will deliver your course. The subsequent meetings are already oriented towards those needs of our students that have proven to be most important. A job interview – English at your fingertips!

The course usually comprises 5 to 10 meetings (depending on your initial language skills) of either 60 or 90 minutes. Other variations are also possible – e.g. 2-3 intensive meetings, each lasting a few hours.

On special request, we can prepare you for an Assessment Centre/ Development Centre session in English!

Job Interviews in English – what does the course cover?

As is the case with all of our courses, the course in Job Interviews in English covers all the basic components of the language: new vocabulary is intertwined with grammar and everything is covered in a way resulting in an excellent presentation of yourself and your skills in a job interview held in English.

Among other things, we will teach you how to express yourself in different ways using phrases such as:

I led a project

  • I chaired
  • I controlled
  • I coordinated
  • I executed
  • I oversaw

For example: I oversaw several projects to completion.


I increased efficiency, sales, revenue etc. 

How to express it differently? For example:

  • I accelerated…
  • I achieved… 
  • I amplified… 
  • I boosted…
  • I enhanced…

What makes our course unique?

Also, we have an extensive database of original industry-specific resources. Our course dedicated to Job Interviews in English will allow you to learn everything you need to know to succeed!

Only the best teachers work with us, and the quality of our classes is always our top priority. Our teachers’ flexibility and their open-minded approach to your needs are what makes our courses unique. With us, you are certain to master the skills you need!

What will you learn and how will you gain new skills on our course?

Our Job Interviews in English course will allow you to learn how to do well in an interview, how to steer the interview in the direction that you feel comfortable with, and how to tackle all questions and tasks with ease.

In no time, you will master a variety of skills, including how to:

  • hold a short small talk in English
  • introduce yourself professionally in English
  • paraphrase what you or someone else said
  • respond quickly and appropriately to questions
  • talk about your successes and motivation
  • use industry-specific vocabulary related to your line of work in a relevant context
  • use key vocabulary related to digital skills and soft skills


We will also act out several job interviews, bearing in mind that the first impressions can often be the most important. When meeting a recruiter, you shouldn’t be confused by questions such as:

  • How are you today? 
  • Did you have any trouble finding us? 
  • Isn’t this great weather we’re having? 

With us, you will also practice techniques for effective summarising a conversation and ending a meeting in a way that sounds natural.


See you on the course!