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Are you a sales professional? It’s one of the broadest and most dynamic areas of business, which requires you to show full commitment, react quickly to any changes in the market, as well as have perfect knowledge of the products you sell and extensive familiarity with sales techniques. Our English for Sales courses are tailored to your needs and expectations.

Good command of English will allow you to spread your wings and open up to servicing foreign clients.

Knowledge of English for sales – it’s a must!

Customers come first – is this your motto? It’s absolutely clear to us, as you and your needs come first in our book!

We believe that learning English can be effective and fast at the same time, which is why we offer you our industry-specific English courses – intensive, perfectly designed, and structured around the specialist issues and content relevant to today’s trade. It’s the best way to quickly improve your universal language skills and effectively expand your vocabulary – with a special focus on words and phrases used in your industry.

English for Sales – who is the course for?

Our English for Sales course caters to people working in sales: salespeople, managers, and executives, sales representatives, buyers, and consultants… Whether your daily routine includes direct sales and customer service, selling through new media, online or by phone, making hundreds of small deals every day or working for months on mammoth sales contracts – mastering English for sales will enable you to feel confident when talking to (which includes negotiating) with customers, hold sales conversations with ease, and effectively negotiate optimal sales terms. People just entering the labour market and planning a career in commerce can also benefit from the course.

English for Sales – what does the course look like?

English courses for salespeople and traders are taught by professional and experienced teachers using original resources developed based on current industry content. In our courses, we have a holistic approach to improving language skills in terms of both grammar and vocabulary. We polish the learner’s skills related to universal language rules using industry-specific vocabulary so that you don’t waste time and learn exactly what you need.

Our teachers have the necessary qualifications to teach the language as well as a broad knowledge of sales, in many cases supported by professional experience gained in the area of trade.

Why choose our English course dedicated to trading?

The English for Sales course caters to people working in sales, in a variety of roles and with varying competencies. The classes are exclusively based on specially selected and up-to-date texts and industry-specific content, which enables your exposure to the living language spoken by salespeople all over the world. In as short a time as possible, you will significantly improve your language skills and effectively broaden your vocabulary – getting rid of the language barrier which until now has limited your possibilities with respect to professional relations with foreign customers or business partners.

English for Sales course offer

Professional English courses for sales and trade are offered at Eklektika in various formats – individual English lessons as well as crash English courses in small, carefully assembled groups, only with a teacher or also with an online course available on our platform.

Check out the details of our language course offering and choose what will best meet your needs and expectations.