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Are you a logistics professional? Or is this industry, known to require perfect organisation, your career path choice? Logistics operations are perfectly described by the 7R rule: the right product, the right quantity, the right condition, the right place, the right time, the right customer, and the right price. Our English for logistics, transport, and forwarding course is the easiest way to improve your language skills in no time and effectively expand your industry-specific vocabulary.

Fluency in English is an asset that is hard to underestimate given the international nature of the logistics industry.

Right? All right!

English for logistics – fast and with a no-nonsense approach!

Logistics is about quality and time, measured by the satisfaction of your customers. Same here!

We deliver industry-specific English courses designed to help you learn the language quickly and effectively. Courses of English for logistics are designed to let you significantly improve your universal language skills based on specialist and up-to-date content related to your industry. We don’t waste time cramming in vocabulary that you’ll never use. What matters to us are your needs and your professional development.

English for Logistics – who is the course for?

Courses of English for Logistics cater to all people working in this industry, both employees of independent logistics centres and smaller or larger logistics departments operating within companies. They are also a solution that can benefit people preparing to enter the labour market or changing their career path, already with relevant education and/or experience related to the area of logistics.

The knowledge of English and the widest possible range of vocabulary used in the industry, which we polish during our English for Logistics courses, are also useful for those working in forwarding and transport.

What does a course of English for Logistics look like?

English for Logistics is a course taught by a professional teacher and supported by original resources developed based on up-to-date industry-specific content. The tasks and lessons allow the learner to effectively improve their universal language skills while expanding their specialist vocabulary.

Our teachers have the necessary qualifications to teach the language as well as broad knowledge of logistics, transport, and forwarding, which usually comes from their professional experience in companies providing logistics services.

Why choose an industry-specific course dedicated to English for Logistics?

English for Logistics is a course for professionals working in a specific industry. By choosing this way of learning English, you can be sure that you will become familiar with exactly what you need to pursue your career and develop your skillset without limitations. You will gain the freedom to hold a conversation on any subject and get rid of the language barrier, which has so far stifled you in professional contacts with foreign clients or business partners.

Our range of courses dedicated to logistics, transport, and forwarding

Eklektika offers online English courses for the logistics, transport, and forwarding sector in a variety of formats – from one-to-one English lessons to crash English courses in small and carefully assembled groups.

Check out the details of our language course offering and choose what will best meet your needs and expectations.