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Are you an engineer? Are you involved in design and construction in your professional life? Do your responsibilities involve ensuring maximum efficiency of technical and technological solutions at various construction sites? Or are you just starting on the career path that you envisage in a field such as production process engineering, environmental engineering, or bioengineering? English for Engineers is the course just for you!

Good command of English will make your work a lot easier and open up new career opportunities before you! You will gain the ability to use a wide range of material and specialist sources written in English and hold conversations with other professionals working in your industry.

English for Engineers – it’s fast and focused!

Precision counts in engineering and every detail of your project must be perfectly calculated. That’s the approach we take when designing our professional English for Engineers courses!

English courses for engineers allow the learner to significantly improve their general language skills in a short time while effectively broadening their vocabulary relevant to the field they specialise in. We focus on maximum efficiency and work on up-to-date content related to engineering, technology, and adjacent fields.

English for Engineers – what does the course look like?

English for Engineers are courses designed for professionals in various roles working in engineering, e.g. civil engineering, electrical and power engineering, mining engineering, and many adjacent fields.

It is also a solution catering to the needs of students pursuing their engineering degrees and all those planning to enter the labour market or change their career path.

English for Engineers – what does the course look like?

English for Engineers is a course taught by an instructor properly qualified to teach English as a foreign language as well as having experience and knowledge of the industry. The courses are based on original resources developed based on up-to-date content and publications related to the engineering sector. The lessons allow the learner to effectively improve their universal language skills and effectively expand their specialist vocabulary.

Why choose an English course for engineers?

English for Engineers is a course for professionals working in a variety of engineering-related industries. By choosing this way of learning English, you are guaranteed to learn exactly what you will need for your job. In no time at all, you will gain the freedom to hold a conversation on any industry-related topic, deal with clients and business partners with ease, and tackle the toughest challenges – without the language barrier that has stifled you so far.

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English courses for engineers offered by Eklektika are delivered in various online formats – one-to-one lessons and crash English courses in small and carefully assembled groups.

Choose the option that best meets your needs and expectations.