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E-commerce is growing and changing at an impressive pace, setting trends for modern business, smoothly adapting to new situations, and confidently reaching for cutting-edge solutions. What’s the key to success? Perfect command of the English language, which will allow you to communicate without any limitations, opening the door to global business. Use our English for E-Commerce course as a tool to help you and your team reach the top-notch of the business!

English for E-Commerce is essential!

We offer you the highest quality industry English courses, taught by the best of the best and designed with your business in mind – intensive and effective, allowing you to improve your general language skills and expand your vocabulary effectively in no time. In our English for E-Commerce courses, we teach English by covering the most important industry-related topics and issues, including online payments, online transaction security, online marketing, website design, and customer service in English. We keep up to date with e-commerce trends and develop original material for each course to deliver the most up-to-date content to our students.

Invest in your team!

English language courses dedicated to the e-commerce industry and taught by experienced teachers are a carefully designed solution that we can easily adapt to the needs of your team, allowing your employees to quickly reach the next level of language proficiency. The investment definitely pays off and guarantees satisfaction for each side of the language acquisition process. An employee with considerable language skills is a confident and motivated ambassador of your company, who will carry out even the most difficult international projects with ease and without complexes.

English for E-Commerce with a teacher – what do the courses look like?

English for E-Commerce with a teacher is a course that we can freely customise and optimally adapt to your expectations and needs as well as your colleagues’ abilities and skills. We entrust the delivery of the course to an experienced, highly specialised teacher who knows the e-commerce industry very well, thanks to which they will confidently and professionally guide the group through the issues included in the syllabus. Prepared using the latest industry content and up-to-date text, all classes will be filled with tasks that maximally engage and activate the course participants allowing them to effectively break the language barrier.

English for E-Commerce courses – organisation

B2B is all about clarity of the offering and a clear division of responsibilities. Have you decided to pay for an English language course for your team? We will take care of the rest! We will carry out placement tests, assemble a group or groups of students, arrange all the details regarding the schedule, and monitor the activity of your employees on an ongoing basis as part of our English for E-Commerce course with a teacher.

We will stay in touch with you to be able to answer any question you may have at any time!

English for E-Commerce course offer

An effective English course is optimally tailored to the needs of the company and the industry in which it operates. English for E-Commerce with a teacher is just such a solution: developed based on the latest industry-specific and business-oriented content, using only current vocabulary, and delivered by an experienced professional who speaks fluent English and has experience working in your industry.

Our specialist courses for e-commerce are perfectly in line with what is going on here and now in online business.