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Professional customer service is one of the priorities of modern business. Modern businesses realise that a professionally serviced and satisfied customer is the best advertisement for a brand. The highest standard of customer service requires specific skills and personal qualities, as well as all the tools at your disposal enabling responding to queries and resolving any problems in a business-like and hassle-free manner. What about English? Very good command of English is the basis for professional customer service in this language!

Specialist language courses for your company

We aim to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs and expectations. Our course in Customer Service in English is just such a proposal, perfectly in line with the modern approach to customer service in commerce and services. All lessons and tasks in the course are developed by professionals – teachers and native speakers fluent in English and boasting extensive knowledge and experience in working with clients. We work exclusively with the highest quality materials based on current content and the latest industry trends. We also offer language preparation for the popular COPC industry exams.

Customer Service in English – who is the course for?

A specialist English course dedicated to customer service is an option for all companies that specialise in providing such services or those where customer service is an important part of the business. Our courses are used by businesses including customer service employees of e-commerce companies, SSCs, medical centres, and transport and shipping companies.

We are aware that every industry is governed by its own laws, which is why we make every effort to optimally tailor the course content to the specifics of your business. We aim to equip our students with both the universal skills and vocabulary necessary for customer service and the phrases and expressions that will enable them to handle with ease even the most difficult and specialist conversations with your customers.

Customer Service in English – course organisation

Providing a comprehensive service for our clients is our priority, which is why our range of specialist language courses is a complete solution for your business. Do you want to invest in the development of your employees and quickly and effectively improve the quality of customer service in your company? Commission us with organising the course and we’ll take care of the rest. We take on the tasks of conducting placement tests, assemble groups of students with their needs and level of language proficiency in mind, and creating schedules that suit everyone. Of course, you can expect detailed reports on the activity and progress of your employees. You will soon be able to enjoy the first results of this project!

An intensive and effective learning experience is our promise!

We believe that learning English can be fast and effective at the same time. We focus on intensive work, rapid pace, and optimal content tailoring. We polish the learner’s universal language skills based on the specialist vocabulary necessary for top-notch customer service. All the lessons in the course are structured in such a way as to provide a perfect balance between theory and practice so that students quickly break down the language barrier and, upon completion of the course, can communicate with your company’s customers fluently and with ease.

English language courses for customer service

Professional English courses for specialists working in the customer service sector are offered at Eklektika in a variety of formats: one-to-one English lessons as well as crash English courses in small and carefully assembled groups, with a teacher or via modern online course programmes available on our platform with optional meetings with an English teacher or native speaker.