Idź do treci

What do you do when you want to learn to cycle? Do you study the bike manual or just get on it? And what about mastering the art of swimming? Do you analyse Archimedes’ principle or jump into the pool? And skipping? Do you peruse Newton’s principles of dynamics or just grab a skipping rope? Of course, you get on your bike, jump in the pool, and start skipping! As far as English goes, it’s the same.

If learning this language is your priority and you want to reach a level at which you can communicate as quickly as possible – you simply have to start speaking! Conversations in English are a way of satisfying this most essential need of all language learners.

Who is the conversation course for?

Conversations in English are dedicated to those who need an opportunity to practice their English in a safe and professionally controlled environment and want to overcome their barriers and limitations. Our conversation courses are held on a one-to-one basis and in groups (also in groups comprising employees of a particular company).

The aim of a conversation class is always to provide the student(s) with an optimal, safe environment for conversation in a friendly and open atmosphere that guarantees maximum effectiveness of the meetings.

Intensive conversation course in English

Do you want quick results? Choose our intensive conversation course that will take you to a higher level of communication in no time, allowing you to talk with ease about any subject. An intensive English conversation course will have you speaking English in no time. Really.

This learning format is most often chosen by people facing an unexpected task with the deadline of… yesterday! Getting promoted to a new position? A looming corporate summit meeting? A business trip abroad? An examination? A trip of your dreams? Any reason is good to sign up for intensive English conversations.

English conversation course – organisation

What does a conversation course look like? Well, from the looks of it, it’s just about having a chat! However, you need to know that everything that happens in the lessons is based on a specific plan of the teacher, who skilfully steers the conversation, quickly diagnosing your needs and areas for improvement, professionally correcting your mistakes and suggesting practical ways to successfully hold any conversation that is complicated in language terms.

We can work with original resources, designed and selected especially for you and optimally catering to your needs and interests, or we can use any content, world news, fiction, or articles published in the press.

Why choose a conversation course?

In Eklektika’s English conversation courses, we create a comfortable environment where you simply… start talking. The course comprises a sequence of meetings whose intensity, duration, and topics depend on you and a mutually agreed plan.

Conversations in English are conducted by both experienced teachers and native speakers – only the best of the best of them, who will ensure that each lesson (of course matched to your language skills) is of the highest standard and that you are completely at ease, which will give you confidence and let you open up. Are you ready? Tell us about it!