Idź do treci

Our knowledge of English enables us to develop professionally, which means taking on a variety of challenges and tasks. Some of them are highly specialised and require a concrete stock of words, expressions, and phrases.

Conducting training in English requires fluency in the language, both with respect to the topics and industry issues brought up by the trainer, as well as the vocabulary and expressions necessary to perfectly carry out the entire process, including the following aspects: successfully establishing direct contact with the audience, encouraging the audience to work and cooperate during exercises, as well as responding quickly to their questions and effectively dispelling any doubts.

Conducting training in English – who is the course for?

Do you conduct training in English professionally? Or is it an assignment that you need to tackle now? A specialist course dedicated exclusively to conducting training in English caters to your very needs.

Our courses dedicated to conducting training in English respond to the requirements of all those who are professionally involved in designing, preparing, and delivering training in English – regardless of the subject matter, audience, or industry. It is also an excellent offer for those who are just planning their professional career, pursuing a degree programme in fields such as marketing, management, commerce, or human resources. There may be a need in your professional life to design and deliver training, and you’ll be ready for it!

Conducting training in English – what does it look like?

Held both on-site and online, in groups and on a one-to-one basis, courses in conducting training in English are a hybrid of theory and practice, allowing the learner to achieve great results in a short time. The courses are intensive and strongly focused on training industry expertise, taught by experienced teachers, and based on their original resources.

Conducting training in English – what does the course include?

Conducting training in English is a course based on material developed using the latest texts, audio and video recordings of training sessions conducted by highly qualified professionals confident in themselves and the content they deliver.

As part of the course dedicated to conducting training in English, you will effectively improve your universal language skills and considerably expand your vocabulary related to the training industry.

Why choose our course dedicated to conducting training in English?

Eklektika’s course dedicated to conducting training in English is a well-designed solution that combines theory and practice – in the right proportions. The courses are taught by experienced teachers and native speakers who have organised and conducted many training sessions (in English, of course!) as part of their professional lives. They will deliver the most important information with energy and passion, with current training trends in mind and focusing on modern vocabulary.

At the end of the course, you will be confident in your language skills, which will allow you to face any training challenge with calm and professionalism.